Smurfette Takes Center Stage In Smurfs: The Lost Village

The Smurfs

It was in the year 1959 where the first comic book featured the Smurfs. They were created by Pierre Culliford or Peyo, a Belgian cartoonist. Ever since their creation, the Smurfs have starred in numerous comic books, TV series, and even movies. They have become well-loved characters who are still very popular with kids, whether they are in cartoon or CGI form.

Smurfette In The Limelight

Ever since the Smurfs was released and became popular with a lot of people, kids and adults alike, Smurfette has been a staple in the TV shows and movies alike. She is known to be the only female Smurf in a village full of male Smurfs, though earlier TV series and comics portrayed other female Smurfs such as Nanny Smurf.  However, Smurfette is, in the most recent movies and TV series, the only female Smurf. She was not a Smurf from birth but a creation of Gargamel, the Smurf’s main antagonist, who meant to use her as a tool.

In the latest Smurf movie, Smurfs: The Lost Village, Smurfette takes the center stage as she and her friends seek to find out where a mysterious map leads and through misadventure which involved sneaking out Smurf Village without Papa Smurf knowing to Gargamel pushing them off their raft and causing them to fall off a waterfall, the group find themselves in the Lost Village or Smurfy Grove, a village full of female Smurfs and headed by Smurf Willow.

However, not all is fun and games as Gargamel once again enters the picture and attempts to capture all the female Smurfs, including Papa Smurf, Hefty Smurf, Brainy Smurf, and Clumsy Smurf. This leaves Smurfette to save her old and newfound friends and family and in doing so, she finds what her real purpose is and what it means to be a Smurf.


Ready Your Popcorn And Comfy Pajamas When You watch movies online

Watching Movies At Home: Then And Now

It took quite a while for people to be able to watch movies at home but when they finally did, it was a godsend. Back in the day, tapes and CDs were the way people could bring their favorite movies at home and watch them again and again. Time passed and DVDs become more used to bring high-quality movies to watch at them.You can find more details on solarmovie on the site solarmovie.date.

Nowadays, watching movies at home means watching online as opposed to the other ways previously mentioned. This is thanks to various movies being available online for people to access anytime and anywhere they like. It is considered as the most convenient out of other ways of watching movies at home like downloading or subscribing to certain service providers.

Watching Movies At Home Using The Internet

As mentioned, watching movies at home nowadays often means watching online. This is thanks to the internet which is now a pretty common thing in most households. But how exactly does the internet make it possible to watch movies onlinefor free?

The internet is a gateway to a lot of websites and one those websites allow for the streaming of movies, referred to as streaming sites. Streaming sites, as their name implies, make it possible to load or stream movies through the internet to one’s electronic device. This, in turn, lets one watch a movie as it loads.

This way of watching movies has a lot of people hooked as it is a great way to spend time on Friday nights in. It’s also great for binge-watching and just staying in one’s home while wearing their most comfortable pajamas and with a bowl of homemade popcorn on their laps. Furthermore, it is free, making watching movies online a fun thing to do without the extra expenditure which usually comes from subscription fees and the like.


Learning How to Watch Movies Online Free Today

There are many ways on how you can be able to watch your favorite movies and series for free. This is only thanks to the fact that the Internet technology made it possible. The Internet technology is only one of the many products of the modernization. Not only that the Internet technology was able to provide not only convenience and information but also entertainment.

How Can I Be Able to Watch Free Movies?

If you are new to this, you can at least try researching on your browser to find how you can be able to watch a movie for free. But don’t worry, this article will be helping you on how you can be able to watch your favorite series and movies for free.  solarmovie.date offers some in-depth insights on solar movie.

First, in order to watch movies online free, you just have to search for a site that offers online streaming for free. Next, you can either go to the database of the site where all of the stored movies and series can be seen or you can just search them in the search bar. There you will be given two chance – you can either download the movie or you can play it through streaming.

In watching the movie through streaming, you must make sure that your Internet connection is fast and steady. This is to make sure that the connection would not fluctuate. The intermittent connection would usually induce buffering which might annoy you since you won’t be able to enjoy your movies.

One of the main advantages of the Online Streaming is that as long as you have a strong and steady Internet connection you can be able to watch your favorite movies and series anywhere you are and anytime you want. This is very conducive when you are traveling. Usually, when traveling you would do nothing but sit. However, if you have an Internet connection, you can be able to watch while traveling.



You Are Saved When You watch movies online free

Online movies are the great finds across the internet. It is easier to find movies that you wanted in the web. Even if it’s the movies that you like years ago, it can be available in the internet. Also, fresh releases can be found in the streaming sites online. It could be free or paid. Like cables at home, you can pay for it monthly. Even if there is a paid one, you can still watch movies online free on yes movies. There are streaming sites that give free movies and some are not.

Things you’ll “save” when watching movies online

First one is you’ll save time. When going to the movies, you’ll need to travel and that costs you energy and bus fare. If you are travelling by your car, you could encounter traffic or even pay for gas. With movies online, you’ll just get the movie you wanted by one click.

The second is money. You’ll save money because you won’t pay for your movie ticket or even your expensive popcorn in the theater. Money is not spent that much when you are watching at home. You’ll just need a pack of popcorn to cook which is cheaper than those in the theaters. Since you are watching at home, you can save money from paying the taxi fare to the theaters.

The thirdis you can save your stress. Funny how it sounds but it is true. You won’t get stressed with the movies that are usually unavailable with DVD Rental shops. Movies online are always available. There could be movies that has many links. In this way, the movie that you wanted won’t disappear easily.


There is more to watching movies online. Make sure to have a strong and fast internet connection so you will watch without any annoying interruptions.